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Our objective is to create a search and rescue system able to precisely locate individuals in rugged areas and provide helpful informations to improve a rescue mission


An essential tool for professional rescuers

Our aim is to allow professionals to rescue anybody, everywhere, thanks to their phone.

A device we all have in our pocket even during the most extreme expeditions.

Universality is our key asset.


Time is the most important factor when searching for a victim. The rescuer has to be quick and efficient. Our technology will increase the victim's chance of survival by reducing search time and giving access to helpful information to improve the rescue.

Focused on a community whose mission is to save lives, at LyF we are convinced that rescuers must have access to the most efficient equipment available today.

By merging drone agility, accurate video return and precise phone tracking technology, we are offering an ergonomic and cost efficient solution.

7.5 B

mobile phone users worldwide in 2023




Cost efficient

Different answers to different user cases

As our system is customer focused, our team designed two previously configured  user cases to increase efficiency of many rescue mission 


Lost Case

Our system can initiate a search based on the victim's last GPS coordinates


Zone Case

Our system can cover a predefined area to locate a victim 

Crédit: Quentin Iglésis

LyF Rescue Drone in action

About us

Today, with a dynamic team from diverse backgrounds, we are creating a product that could be tested by any rescue structure from late 2020.

In the meantime, we are looking for funding to continue this adventure. 

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LyF Rescue Drone's adventure started in 2018 by two EPFL friends.  Both passionate about mountain sports in general, we asked ourselves how we could merge our engineering knowledge with our desire to help people. Inspired by many #techforgood projects,  we are developing a strategy that follows this path.

In parallel with our studies, we kicked off our project by developing a prototype specialised in avalanche rescuing. Through challenging our ideas over and over, we reached  the conclusion that our system could help rescuers across the globe with many scenarios other than just avalanches. Late in 2019 we definitely choose to develop a minimum valuable product that will help various rescuing team.

Through our ongoing adventure we have met many inspiring people and attended exciting events. We would like to thank them for all commercial and  technical advises, they provided us in order to pursue our dream. 

The LyF Team
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Yaron Dibner

Companion computer


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