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 Live your Freedom

Our objective is to create a device able to precisely and autonomously localize buried victims in avalanches using a faster and more efficient approach than current solutions.

Crédit Photo : Quentin Iglésis

Broaden your vision of the mountains

At LyF Rescue Drone we design mountain devices made for you.


Our product focuses on a community willing to explore new grounds by practicing their passion safely in snowy mountains

Reduce search time

Reduce exposition to other avalanche risks 

Instant communication with professional rescuers 

Time is the most important factor when searching for a victim. The rescuer has to be quick. With the aim of improving efficiency and decreasing intervention time, we are designing an autonomous drone taking on board latest localisation technology. The device is compact, robust and ergonomic. Our technology will increase the chance of survival by reducing search time and getting rid of human error.

How does it work ?

LyF 3 min pitch at Red Bull Basement Festival

The LyF Team :

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Paul Campredon


Valentin Ibars


Yann Meier

Mech Team

Maxime Gardoni

Interference Team

Thibault Brun

Interference Team

Guillaume Gavillet

Topography Team

Yaron Dibner

Topography Team

Théophile Agresti

Business Team

Firas Kanoun

Computer Vision Team

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